“Kôpparpanna’” is the brewer’s great love in life. Well, on second place after the family, of course!

Our beautiful pot still is from A. Holstein in Germany and we are conducting Swedish cultural heritage and distilling a whole malt spirits with it! The pot still is 150 liters and all made out of copper.

Distilling is a sensitive handicraft which claims great precision in order to develop desired aromas. When the spirits are not intended to be stored in oak barrels, the precision is even higher. In this cases it is vital that very few or no alcohols at all are included in the distillate. Oak stored spirits on the other hand demands some of the fusel oil to evolve an aromatic beverage after years in barrels.

We are, of course, using Swedish malt! Mashing and fermentation usually takes around five days, a little bit depending on what kind of spirit the brewer intends to make. We produce spirits flavored with cacao, caraway and fennel among others. We also distill on apples from the own garden and grapes from the own greenhouse.

The spirits are to be served at room temperature or at the most, cellar cool. This to ensure that all flavors are well represented. We also like to see our spirits consumed together with food, there is lots of exciting combinations to discover!

Minolta DSC182769_450392825048321_989695282_nQvänum kolonn destillation