Our beers are foremost to be consumed together with food. We are always starting with the food when brewing a new beer and developing the beer thereafter -  We are brewing and distilling with the food in focus!

All our beers are natural, it’s completely without additaments and we are brewing on the water from the farms own dwell. The beer is also unpasteurized and unfiltered; it’s a living product! The beer will change and mature over time.

Good to know;

The beer should be stored in a dark and cool place since it is “alive”.

The beers should not be served to cold. Chilliness changes the beers appearance and your experience will be minor as flavors as well as frothing fail.   

 Because the beer is unfiltered there is a possibility that sediment will occur at the bottom of the bottles. The sediment is completely harmless and filled with vitamin B!


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